Loh Lab

Two platform talks at ASHG 2022

We’re very excited to share our latest work at ASHG this October! Ronen Mukamel and Margaux Hujoel will present platform talks describing strong associations of structural variants with heritable traits and diseases that were revealed by statistical haplotype-sharing models. Ronen and Margaux were also selected as finalists for the Charles J. Epstein Trainee Awards — congratulations!

Ronen Mukamel: “Repeat polymorphisms underlie top genetic risk loci for glaucoma and colorectal cancer” (platform talk, Wed 10/26 at 1:45pm, #206)

Margaux Hujoel: “Phenotypic effects of common coding copy-number variation” (platform talk, Sat 10/29 at 10:45am, #577)