Loh Lab

Three talks and a poster talk at ASHG 2021

We’re very excited to share our ongoing work at ASHG this October! Alison Barton and Margaux Hujoel will present platform talks on penetrance of disease variants and CNV associations in UK Biobank, Maxwell Sherman will present a plenary talk on somatic mutations in cancer, and Ronen Mukamel will present a poster talk on dissecting Lp(a) genetics. Alison, Margaux, and Max all received semifinalist Charles J. Epstein Trainee Awards — congratulations!

Alison Barton: “Incomplete penetrance of disease variants in the UK Biobank” (platform talk, Wed 10/20 at 11:15am)

Margaux Hujoel: “Modeling haplotype sharing powers CNV detection and reveals large-effect phenotype associations” (platform talk, Wed 10/20 at 11:15am)

Maxwell Sherman: “Genome-wide somatic mutation rate maps uncover drivers of cancer” (plenary talk, Fri 10/22 at 1:20pm)

Ronen Mukamel: “Dissecting 90% of lipoprotein(a) heritability in 487,571 UK Biobank participants” (poster talk, Mon 10/18 at 2:30pm)